Tuesday, August 24, 2010


     They say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but I think that might just be one.  Who doesn't want to go to Maui?  There is so much to say about a trip to this tropical paradise but I thought I'd start with just a few of the basic tips, learned from experience:

   Tip#1:  When packing, overlook the urge to over-pack.  Put the extra dress clothes back in the closet; take only shorts, a couple of bathing suits, flip flops, a hat and your sunscreen.  Oh..don't forget the sunglasses. (you might also want to stick some bonine in your carry-on bag for later).

   Tip #2: Always arrive at the airport 2 hours early and expect that all will go well...I mean, you're going to Maui, for goodness sake!

   Tip#3:  In the unlikely event that the curbside check in attendant happens to notice that your bags are only checked through to San Francisco, remain calm (you're going to Maui, remind yourself of this and smile.)
   Tip#4:  Once settled in for the first leg of your journey, close your eyes and picture clear, blue waters and spectacular sunsets as you prepare yourself for multiple plane changes and many rounds of hoping your luggage makes the transfers too.  As you board your final flight somewhere in California, sit back and relax, cause you're only about 6 hours away from paradise!

   Tip#5:  Approximately one hour before beginning final descent into Maui, locate bonine and take as directed.  Remove all outerwear and stow any blankets.  Adjust overhead air unit to maximum and blowing directly on you at full power.  Grasp arm rests firmly as you watch the West Maui mountains and the Haleakala Crater come into view.  Also notice that the runway ends abruptly in the Pacific Ocean should the pilot be unable to slow the enormous aircraft upon touchdown.  Breath deeply as the plane rocks and rolls...do not panic at thought of just how the pilot will steady the plane enough to touch both sets of landing gear onto the runway.  I was assured that only experienced pilots are allowed to land their jumbo jets under the above conditions (no, I didn't ask how they got their experience...just hoped for the best).  Once the plane is securely on the ground, join your fellow passengers in letting out a huge sigh of relief. 

   Tip#6:  Once your luggage has been located, it is suggested that one person stay at the terminal with the luggage while the second traveler goes to pick up your rental car.  I must issue this warning however....it is common for the person left with the luggage to take a look around, feel the warm winds caressing their face and slip into fits of tremendous joy, breaking into a wide grin and uncontrollable laughter....YOU'RE IN MAUI, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

   Tip#7:  After loading luggage into rental car, one final rule must be understood:  you must now leave all of your troubles and worries behind you as you enter into a world like none you've ever seen before!

     I hope that you will find these tips useful as your Maui adventure begins.  I will be back with my photos and memories of all the wonderful places not to be missed....till then, Mahalo!

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